Al Bear and Dexter Fox hiking by AlBear (critique requested)

Al Bear and Dexter Fox hiking (critique requested)


17 May 2019 at 10:59:10 MDT

Very early concept sketch.

I started on this last week. I sketched this idea on pencil and paper back in December. I never got around to do it. Last week I fired up my old Wacom tablet from 2001 🤣 and got to use Krita, the digital art drawing software.

Damn! I forgot how it works! I haven't used it in many months! 🙄 It's true about the old saying. Use it or lose it. I was struggling to make my little sketch and remembering how to use the drawing software. I had to take a quick crash course to remember what was what. I say it turned out semi ok? And also considering That I really don't know how to draw.

The piece is called Dexter Fox and Al Bear hiking. Which we do every so often in the local mountains. Hope it doesn't take many months to clean up and finish it. 🐻🦊 This will be my third digital art piece once it's done. Again, I don't know how to draw and haven't picked up a pencil in 25+ years. Still taking a huge step in learning on how to draw and draw digitally.

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