Ballerina Al Bear by AlBear (critique requested)

Ballerina Al Bear (critique requested)


18 December 2018 at 17:35:59 MST

Al Bear dancing Ballet. My fursona doing some sillyness.

My very second stab at proper digital art ever, again not really knowing how to draw.

It has become this, the final product. I still don't know 85% of this art software, so I was working almost blind and didn't know what I was doing. I also tried a little of that fancy shading stuff by hand, I still don't know how to do it with the program itself.

I used the same Wacom drawing tablet that I got back in 2002 and honestly never used before or even learned how to use digital drawing software. I’m actually surprised that it still works! 😂 designed fow Windows 98 using it with Windows 10.

I had a huge scare almost before finishing, I hit a weird setting slide down menu on the line art layer and it made it all weird colors while showing on the background. I was mortified thinking of losing so many hours of work. I finally found the problem and fixed it. My heart dropped to my feet and I felt as if I'd drunk 5 pots of strong coffee I found out the cause and boy! Was I relieved!

I still have a great deal knowing how to use pencils/pens/brushes in the program, I'm so lost. I only used the same one for about 98% of the time. And dang! What an annoyance it is when you think you are modifying one layer and you are doing it to another! Grrrrrrrrrr

But with all hinderances, here's the finished product.