Al Bear 2018 full background by AlBear (critique requested)

Al Bear 2018 full background (critique requested)


18 December 2018 at 17:31:04 MST

After taking a break from drawing in 2002 I came up with my updated fursona in June 2018 and after never having touched any drawing software I came up with this. And to be honest not knowing how to draw I came up with this in April-June 2018 using the drawing tablet I got back in 2002 that surprisingly still worked! I honestly never used it seriously, Also, I guess you can say that this is really my very first true ever attempt at proper digital art. As I tried learning how to use the software by taking a self-crash course.

I literally had never ever touched any drawing programs before late March 2018, I went through so much grief and despair that I almost gave up and took a month off practicing. It is just so overwhelming! The first 3 things I wouldn't even call them proper digital art as they were drawn on software on the PC, true but I had no friggin' idea how layers and other drawing tools work. I honestly still don't know 80% on how to use it. Thankfully the back button is very forgiving.