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-=-I am Sam-=- by Alacron Lone (critique requested)

-=-I am Sam-=- (critique requested)

Alacron Lone

1 February 2014 at 23:49:11 MST

I am Sam, son of Man.
Clockwork, metal, soul of the damned.
Speak my name, oh! My pilot's name,
and hell breed fire consumes, controls, reigns.

In evil’s wake, terrible songs
flow from the lips, that demon’s belong,
I stand on pillars, so high and tall,
I see not, the good, the bad, the right, the wrong,
I see only the grey, feel only the truth, and hear only the songs

And if so the grey turn to black
I will be here, eyes red, bones cracked
To the all the children’s saints, to the battlefield we tread
For all the days I walk, the black runs with red

Oh! But in the days of grey becoming white,
I shall walk on, moving the tides, defeating the light
And in my eyes, my mecha soul, my unfailing mind,
Those who claim white, cloaked in black,
Shall know my name, my sound, my plight
And never they forget, the shell that is this sight

I am a villain, and hero akin,
Arbitrary law, and arbitrary sin
I will not halter, I will not run
I am no person, am no man
For we are I, and I as one,
For Sam I am, Sam the son

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