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Six Fanarts Challenge by Akysi

Six Fanarts Challenge


And here it is, my Six Fanarts contribution! I’d asked people on Twitter for suggestions and this was the result. I decided to stick with flat colour because this already took a lot of time to complete, but this was a lot of fun! All six of these are characters I’ve never drawn before, so thanks for the suggestions everyone! <3 Which one is your fave? c:

  1. I went with Rapunzel’s design from the 2D TV series, as that’s a lot easier to translate into my style, aha. She was an interesting one to tackle, as a lot of the colours I sampled didn’t actually go together all that well until the coloured line art was added, which was an interesting discovery! Sometimes certain things are needed to really tie it all together.

  2. I was asked to draw my favourite Gym Leader from Pokemon SwSh and I had to go with Milo. The more I thought about it, the more I realized he’s a character after my own heart, right down to his freckles and fluffy hair. And I have a character of my own named Milo, so a good boy all around. :’D Runner ups were Piers, Raihan and Leon if we’re counting the champion, a trio of beautiful disasters. xD

  3. Interpreting pixel art is certainly an adventure, but Susie’s colours are definitely in my wheelhouse still, I love her pinks and purples. I can’t resist drawing a growly grin either, so she was a fun one!

  4. I learned very quickly that Sulley’s design is one that can drift into the uncanny valley very quickly, but luckily I was able to pull it back out, lol. Interpreting a 3D character has its difficulties, though I suppose I could have looked up the concept art too.

  5. I’d never heard of Ojamajo Doremi and I wasn’t given a specific character so I just picked the purple one, lol. I love me some rainbow themed outfits though! The orange one from that group looks a lot like me and it’s weird. xD

  6. I’ve been meaning to watch Cowboy Bebop for YEARS and still haven’t, but we all know the intro SLAPS so that’s always fun. Spike always seemed like such a cool character too.

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    Aww, dude Sully is so cute!

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      Aww, thank you! ^_^ He was really fun to translate into a 2D style.