Loralei Doodles by Akysi

Loralei Doodles


25 September 2018 at 22:09:22 MDT

Wanted to post something because I haven't made art in daaaaays ;-;

This is Loralei, the brash and brazen princess of Eldrigar, one of the three Great Kingdoms of my Feather Knights story.

Self-proclaimed queen of beer, Lora's definitely got a short temper to match her stature, but she's less hostile towards newcomers than Arack. Never backs down from a challenge, physical or otherwise, and this can lead to her being way over her head in some situations. Thankfully she's usually got backup... and other times she falls through the roof. xD

She's technically too young to drink, but on top of Eldrigar's incredibly lax laws regarding that, most of the royals don't bother to question it given how much of a heavyweight she is. She can even give her parents a run for their money, though she takes more after her mother for that.

I've had a messy WIP sketch of her full body for a while, but I haven't been able to finish much for the past few days so expression doodles are a go-to for me. I'm sure I'll finish her full design soon, but these were really fun. :'D I think I'm getting better at face structure while keeping it expressive.

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