WIP - banner giveaway by akitary

WIP - banner giveaway


27 March 2015 at 22:07:50 MDT

WIP for a Game of Thrones* H. Stark themed banner

I plan on doing YCH giveaway, yay
there will be

  • static cellshade
  • static rendered
  • animated rendered options.
  • icon cutting out will be an option, so it will be usable on FA as well, in a way

won't be a lot of animated ones, best not flood Weasyl with gif banners lol. I think I'll do 3 at max of those.

will do the other houses on demand. owl placeholder is an old study made by me.
Giveaway will be held a week later, I want to finish Zuboko and Asyria2D commissions first.
not yet planned on how it will work, or how to claim them.

I'm not the best FX animator but oh well, I tried <3
Open to suggestion regarding to the animation, or the giveaway itself <3

Just 2 more weeks until Season 5 premier!!! *fanherming intensifies*

*no actual imagery, font or symbol owned by HBO will be used to avoid copyright infringement. even though it would classify as fan-art, better stay on the safe side

yes I'm aware of the black line on top, that will be fixed
I'll also optimize the filesize better, and try to push it under 800KB

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