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I am obsessed with Teen Wolf Game of Thrones, Coffee, gore/horror/blood, The Walking Dead, movies, and video games.

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Azoptaos! An awesome game.

on 22 May 2016 at 19:17:48 MDT

If you ever heard of the game Impressive Title by Kovu, then you would love this game!

An Impressive Title server!

It's been around for awhile but it's pretty fun.

Come join the awesome Azoptaos! It's an awesome NEW Impressive Title server, which will soon be updated to even more epicness! With new models (Models remind me of Wolf's rain. :) ) and so much more stuff! Just go to ( ) and sign up.
Please post on the referral contest thread on the forums that Sin referred you please!! :)


-Azoptaos is for ages 13+ years or older. No if, ands , or buts.
-Azoptaos is a Hate Free Zone. That means people of any identity or beliefs may join without fear of being made fun of.
Considering this has been called one of the favorite parts about Azoptaos by many users!!

The more players who join, the better! The game is really fun and not hard to get used to!

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