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Apotheosis of Love by AkiraShima

Apotheosis of Love


21 February 2013 at 14:53:36 MST

one of my all time favourite pieces i have ever done. and the description from my FA

Subject matter: Akira (nekomata) with two of his four pair of wings spread holding images of Zyn and Tadrick in his outstretched hands

Materia Artistica: Pigma microns

Reffernces: The halo and wreathes around the faces are inspired by hindu art, the pose came to me while listening to TSO and thinking of my mates (now exs but i still love em)

Notes: As i said above the two images held are of now ex mates. they held me up and made me feel like a god when they touched me and were near. the kind of love that made me fly. to bad distance and a few other problems we could not see ways out of came up. but while it hurt it is a lesson and i still as i said love them. the shapes along the axis of his body are stones at the chakra points. these are the energy centers along the body which corrospond to the ductless glands and points along the spine. the double terminated crystal with the equitoral cluster of other minerals and crystals is from a vision i had back in 90. something that has stayed with me all this time. Also when in his winged form his clothing at the moment tneds to become these flowing banners of coloured fabric. I do plan to do this one in colour. actually two versions. One in the bright pop colours of peter Max and one in more traditional colours. this is one of my all time favourite pieces

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