Commissions Prices and ToS by Akelun

Commissions Prices and ToS


22 July 2018 at 06:50:49 MDT

By Commissioning me you agree that you've read, understood and agreed to my Terms of Service below.

You must be at least 18 years old to commission me.
I also reserve the right to refuse to take commissions from persons I blocked or persons who are listed as scammer in an artist beware


Commissions requests are taken at:

If you prefere, you can also contact me directly by mail to request me a commission:

Please, note that I insist on the point that EVERYTHING I draw will be posted and will remain posted in my galleries.
I don't like to work on a drawing just to be told to keep it hidden or private.
However, of course, you can ask me to be displayed as an "anonymous" customer in the description.

NSFW may be accepted, but they won't be posted on Deviantart neither on my SFW Tumblr.

Please, check my SFW and NSFW "will and won't draw" list before commissioning me:

Extra fees may be applied for very complex characters or background elements.
Prices are displayed in € (euros) and payment will be made only via Paypal. I'll send a bill with all the details in description.

-> Money converter suggested:

Commission form:

Paypal address: ...........

Commission type: ........... (example: Cell shading with 2 characters and a simplistic background)

TermsOfService: By filling this form I, -{YourUsernameHere}- agree I have read and agree to the artist's Terms of Service.

  • Link(s) to at least 1 reference per character: ........... (the more there are, the better it is)OR
  • Description of the kind of character I want you to design: ........... (If you want a character design, give me a precise description

about what you want)

  • Situation / Pose(s): ........... (The more details you'll give at once, the more the drawing will be close to your expectations. Use

simple sentences please, since I'm French and English is not my native language. 4 short sentences with repeted words would be easier for

me than 1 long and complex literary sentence)

  • Kind of background wanted: ........... (For commissions with simplistic or full background)

  • Other details: ...........

As the Artist

  • I retain the right to repost the finished piece for self-promotion with due credit to the commissioner where applicable unless previously

agreed upon.

  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission with a refund (depending on the stage of completion) if necessary.

  • I retain all commercial rights for your commission or commissions.

As the Commissioner/ Client

  • The customer may repost the art at will with due credit to the artist.

  • The customer retains all rights to their characters. I do not take claim to any character I am asked to depict.

  • The customer may use the art freely as a reference for other artists.

  • The customer may produce prints for personal use.

About refunds:

  • A full refund can be apply if asked by the commissionner while I didn't or barely start to work on his commission.

  • I'll always try to be available to talk and to give news about the commissions on Internet. If you noticed I'm absent for too long, I'm

suggesting to wait at least one or two weeks, and if you still get non answer from me, then, you could open a dispute and ask for a total

refund. If I was absent for a good reason (having be kept at hospital, for example), then, I'll come back to you as soon as possible and

will suggest you to continue your commission if you still want it, after we renegotiate the price.

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