Keluna, my fursona - Turn around - left view by Akelun

Keluna, my fursona - Turn around - left view


6 December 2016 at 19:16:55 MST

Programm(s) used: Krita

And here, I present you a new character: Keluna: the little cute tropical dragon I will use for my next avatars I intend to make soon. ^^

I am pretty proud of her design. =)

Her… or his… Because yes, as the symbol in the bottom right corner shows it, (s)he’s an hermaphrodite.

(S)he will also be… if I can use this word, my “fursona” from now.

I decided to represent myself as a dragon because… well, this is my favourite creature (they don’t exist, but you understand what I mean) and as an herm because this is truly the perfect gender. With herms, we can’t think about homo-sexuality / hetero-sexuality, etc… So, there can’t be homophobia (personally, I’m an hetero man, so I can’t be a victim of this kind of discrimination) and in addition, you can feel the pleasure of males and females.

So… yeah, I’m a part of the people who think that a correct hermaphrodism would be the perfect gender and that’s why I wanted to be represented by an hermaphrodite OC.

Here a description of my dragon(ess), in my comics project's world:

Name: Keluna

Age: 21 years old (in my world, dragons live around 100 years, stop or at least drastically slow down their growth when they’re 22 years old approximately and can be considered as adults when they’re 20 years old)

Sex: Hermaphrodite

Kinky and playful, like every dragons of the world “Akelun” of my comic project ; wise, calm, lightly shy, kind, friendly, very empathic, love to lend a hand and feel useful, but only for persons whom (s)he appreciates enough to considere they deserved to be helped ((s)he’s quite stubborn about this point).

Was born with an outclassed potential of zengen powers (Zengen = sort of magic in my project) and is the first dragon who managed to master the only martial art style imagined and developped by a human to fight as a dragon. Armed with this unique ability, (s)he’s become the strongest dragon warrior of the world and the great protector of hir crew, threatened by dragon hunters.

Abilities notation (based on dragons’ capacity):
Zengen power control (for a dragon): 125%
Zengen knowledges: 76%
Intelligence: 84%
Physical force: 86%
Physical resistance: 95%
Speed: 99%

I hope you like him / her and his / her design. ^^

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    Lovely color choice on them, the pale yellow and reds work nicely.

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      Yeah, I agree. I really love the design I found for my fursona. I'm really proud of it. purrs ^^
      Glad to learn you like it and thank's for this kind comment! =)

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        No problem~ I personally call them scalesonas, but they are a lot of fun to make. I know I have mine as my avatar right now.

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          Yeah, Scalesonas is more logical, obviously. XD
          Oh, I see! Well, btw, I intend to remake my avatar made in 2011 with this new scalesona and why not make new ones with different poses too. ^^