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Finch Ref by Akatix

Finch Ref


I had been wanting to give Finch a newer reference with her Warmth Trinket for a bit - while also working on a base for myself SO \ouo/ tada

  • Dog Breed: Klee Kai

  • Occupation: Cartographer

  • Carries Warmth Trinket always!

  • Small~ (5'2")

  • Masterlist: #2667

  • Admin Restricted Large wings! (wings are fur, not feathers)

Finch is a former Service Grem, using both her Grem and dog forms to aid and assist her ailing master. When he was able to travel she would be at his side, at times even pulling a small sled or cart. As such, she is incredibly gratious and selfless. She worries deeply about anyone suffering even a small amount. Finch is eager to help in any way she can - which at times can distract her and send her down a goose chase of assistance. She works for positivity through most things, and is rarely affected by the negativity of others. Usually she handles it by simply turning into a dog and carrying the conversation with barks.

With her Warmth Trinket, a trail of bright firey footsteps follow her wherever she goes~ turning to pawprints as she becomes a dog herself. While as a Snowgrem she rarely fears the cold, the trinket gives her some added warmth and ways to keep any lost souls warm with her.

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