[Reference Sheet] - Tee 2015 by Ajna

[Reference Sheet] - Tee 2015


27 March 2015 at 22:14:58 MDT

I was hoping to have a shiny new ref for 2015 but it didn't happen. I figured I should submit what I have, as it would've made a few things easier! One day I'll get around to finishing it. Hopefully before half the year is up.

Old ref, which is still valid, and has more outfits: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12774087/

And some good old copy pasta:

~ Porn rules: She's only to be drawn in adult situations with her fiance Jay ( http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12261086/ ), with my prior approval. She's never to be drawn in solo porn, or with any other character.
~ SMALL BOOBIES PLZ. You can even make her flat chested if you want! The smaller her chest, the better. Wide hips preferred.
~ Her species is feline based, but with a long muzzle. I call them Esperian. They have powers dealing with the mind, such as telekinesis(or telepathy in Tee's case). They're organic androids, too btw. She's made up of flesh, blood and synthetics and wires and stuff. I'll elaborate on that later, but if you draw her with her arm chopped off, toss some wires and stuff in there.
~ Personality: ISFJ
~ Horoscope: Aries, Cancer Moon

Tee is a generally quiet, reserved person. She's an Appeasing Histrionic, introverted, and self centered, but not necessarily selfish. She prefers to spend almost all of her time alone. Most of her hobbies are solitary, and socializing is stressful and exhausting for her. She can often be found day dreaming, playing/cuddling with her cats, playing video games, drawing, or napping. These days, she prefers to live a very carefree, relaxed lifestyle.

Traits: Controlling, Intuitive Empath/Highly Sensitive, Very Introverted, Anxious, Very Giving, Open Minded, Compassionate, Very Emotional, Very Clumsy. Can ease emotional and physical pains from those she cares about through touch. Sucks her left thumb. Obsessed with feeling fabrics. Fast learner. Adores nature, especially trees and space. Detail oriented.

Flaws: Occasionally trusts the wrong people too easily, but typically is very hard to gain her trust. Absent minded and procrastinates heavily. Incredibly low self esteem. Emotionally weak. Is very open to suggestion; easily manipulated. Finds it hard to say no. Wants to please everyone. Prone to over-working herself. Cannot function well in a group. Never sure if she's a leader or a follower. Obsessive personality. Is very passionate about starting projects but rarely follows through with them with the same passion.

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    Beautiful character ^-^
    And that booty thing makes me smile every time I stumble upon this CS :D