Tsukumogami Girl Contest Entry: Teapot by Ai-Zen OllyChimera

Tsukumogami Girl Contest Entry: Teapot

Ai-Zen OllyChimera

17 September 2013 at 13:30:08 MDT

My entry for a contest on deviantart. This is for my friend Sageroot's mini contest (I won!) : http://sageroot.deviantart.com/journal/CLOSED-Tsukumogami-Girl-Mini-Contest-382134163

She is a porcelain teapot, with a spoon for an umbrella. Tsukumogami is Japanese, but I wanted to pick an object that wasn't specifically Japanese, and since everyone loves tea, I chose a teapot. I wanted her to be prim and proper looking, and I love how she came out.

What is Tsukumogami?

Tsukumogami are Japanese Yokai which are items that have "Reached their 100th Year of service and become alive and self aware" Read about them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tsukumogami

They are basically animate household objects.