Moving Day by Ainoko-Ironrose

Moving Day


15 April 2015 at 13:39:37 MDT

He padded throughout the vast, empty home one last time before he and his Master left it for good, memories flooding his head from all the good and bad times he had here. It was sad that they were leaving, not because of the coming war, nor because his Master was scared of what might happen, it was because the bunny was tired of the city and house, and if it made his Master happy, he was happy. Earlier that day, he had helped move what few possessions the bunny had into a large cart before sending it off to the Southern Provence, not far from where he had his training all those years ago. He was both scared and excited at the prospect of possibly seeing his trainers once again and showing them that their problem child has become much more than they ever thought. He made his way into the now empty harem quarters, saddened even more at the sight of the empty Koi pond. It hurt to watch his beautiful gold, white and silver fish get taken out of their home and put into a large water filled trunk and taken to a special cart for their move as well.

He slowly made his way to the only part of that vast home that could provide him with a measure of comfort until it was time for his Master to collect him and the remaining guards the front bay window. He climbed into his cushions in time to watch his precious Koi getting loaded onto the cart and leaving behind the other cart. A small pained whimper escaped his muzzle as tears fell from his eyes, soft sobs filling the empty room as he began crying as the reality of the move finally hit home. He lay in the window sobbing uncontrollably for what seemed like hours when in reality it could have been no more than 15 minutes. He struggled to compose himself the moment he saw his Master walk across the yard and into the empty home. No sooner had he composed himself, giving the bunny the appearance that he was sitting in the window waiting for him, his Master walked into the room and in his direction. When the bunny stopped next to him, he got up and kneeled on the floor, ready for the bunnies orders.

"Why have you been crying Ainoko?" The bunny asked softly, a finger hooking his chin and pulling his muzzle up to face his Master.

"I-I-I wasn't crying." He stammered in surprise at getting caught. "I'm just sad that we are leaving here for good and moving into a new home that I know nothing about."

"Don't be sad pet, I have been here too long, and getting you just delayed the move." He said grinning slyly before kissing him on the forehead. "No I am not getting rid of you any time soon, if ever. I made you that promise years ago and I will keep it. Now wipe those tears from your eyes as it won't do for the public to see that you were crying. No. Scratch that, I want you to be crying as it will show them that we have feelings. As long as you can do that for the moment, I will reward you properly once we are on the road. And Ainoko, I promise you that my, erm, I mean your Koi will have a much bigger pond to swim in and will be much happier. Just promise me that you'll stop eating some of them. Now let's get to the carriage and on to our new home, ok?"

Nodding, Ainoko got up and stood behind his bunny and followed him out to the carriage where they got in and left for their new home miles away making sure that he followed his Master's final instructions and crying into his shoulder. He knew that as long as the bunny owned him, he would never have to worry again in his life.



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