Master's Pet by Ainoko-Ironrose

Master's Pet


15 April 2015 at 13:30:05 MDT

Soft, exotic music flows through the room as the pet sways, weaves and moves rhythmically to the gentle beat. His motions are smooth and effortless as he leaps, bounds, and twirls as he seems to weave a story with his lithe, nimble body that is pleasing to ones eye. A warm smile creases his muzzle as he imagines his Master and friends sitting on cushions, enjoying his performance and the rewards he will get after everyone has left to parts unknown. His ears flicker from the breeze as he slowly spins, his long, fluffy tail wrapping loosely around his body, before falling softly to the floor. He dances like this for hours, perfecting his moves, routines and body, making sure that no matter what dance he performs, whether it is fast or slow, he won't be out of breath. One would, if watching, marvel at his dedication to his art and position in life, not realizing that he does this not just for the love and dedication he has for his Master, but his deep desire to protect and serve him as well. And yet others marvel that the fox-like bunny is the lucky one for having such a dedicated, loving slave and pet.



Got this from the sweet, talented and wonderful :iconFoxxian: I got lucky and managed to get one of her limited sketch commissions and this is the result.

I can't express how beautiful this is. The expression on Ainoko's face as he dances for an unseen audience to music that he can only hear, the grace, the love that is emanating from every move he makes, and the awesome harem clothes he is wearing. :iconFoxxian: floored me with the beauty of the pic and I couldn't be happier.

Marked Mature for the overall sexiness of the pic.

The original pic done by the talented :iconFoxxian: can be found here:

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Art (C) :iconFoxxian:
Ainoko (C) :iconAinoko:

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