One Last Roll by Ahnik (critique requested)

One Last Roll (critique requested)


26 May 2018 at 22:09:32 MDT

A stray bead of sweat runs down your face. It’s making your nose itch, but you ignore it. Your head is in the game, and nothing else matters right now.

Your reptilian opponent sits across from you, humming nonchalantly. He leans back in his chair, playfully tossing his dice into the air and catching them. An impressive pile of gold sits on the table before him—everything he’s won off of you this night.

This is your chance to turn things around. One last roll. Together with the argonian, you throw the dice, silently pleading with the gods of fortune for a little mercy.

With the clattering of carved bone against wood, the ivory tokens of your fate come to a stop.

You don’t even look at your opponent’s dice. You don’t need to. True to your luck this night, you’ve rolled snake eyes.

The argonian says nothing, but the hungry smile growing on his snout speaks volumes. He knows you haven’t any more gold for him. He licks his lips absentmindedly as he looks you over; seems he already has an idea as to how you’ll be paying him.

“Your room or mine?” he purrs, deftly gathering his winnings without taking his eyes off of you. You choke up, too nervous to answer. He laughs at your tension before bending forward to whisper huskily to you.

“Don’t worry, I won’t bite. Unless you’re into that...”

You swallow forcefully. This close up, it’s hard to deny the lizard’s allure. Or ignore his sweet, heady musk.

Maybe this is what you wanted all along...

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