Easter's Drowning Hearts by Age-of-Goositude

Easter's Drowning Hearts


8 March 2016 at 17:24:39 MST

Hello I am an animal many people fear
They shoot me and dump me out of lack of knowledge or fear
I am like a toddler but intelligent and wise
I won't forget the day my man left me out to die
He loved me and shared me with his children for a day
Then he took my love and threw it all away
It was because I had gotten bigger and I wasn't baby faced
Maybe I did something wrong so he thought I was a waste
In the wild I am called vermin, monster, and a pest
But all I want to do is protect my family and nest
I hiss and try to chase away the human that intrudes
But I didn't know the fear that would soon prelude
He shot a nail through my face the blood rushed down my cheek
I was just protecting my family and home, Did he think I was meek?
But people know little of me so fear and taunt
But I just want to be loved, isn't that what everyone wants?

I am a goose
I am empathetic
I have emotions
I am protective of my family
I will protect my home
The trees and pond was here first
Everything humans step on should not belong to them
This is what I call home
Not a human den