[Com] Demolished Expectations [1/2] by aFurreak

[Com] Demolished Expectations [1/2]


18 February 2019 at 15:05:47 MST

"Swiggity swooty, coming for that booty, Peekity peeky, kissing your cheeky... Oh. Sweeeeet. Another fresh gap for us to fill!"

Those were the famous last words of Lord Aen, before attacking Eva, who is daydreaming about a handsome boy giving her a kiss...
A handsome boy! Surely not a handsome sharko, which is 100% better! UwU
Lord Aen is ready to demolish her mediocre expectations (and something else :3c ) for the better!

First half of the commission for FrostieFoxie!



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    dibuja un: Snorlax vs ditto... Como el que hiciste de: Bowser vs ditto...

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    draw a: Snorlax vs idem ... How have you done: Bowser vs idem ...

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    OK thank you!!! :v

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    This is so funny and cute how Eva is daydreaming about a perfect boy for her and fat Lord Aen comes saying his funny rhymes, giving Eva a surprised kiss (which I love Eva's surprised look on her face when Lord Aen kisses her, it's priceless), and Lord Aen is pumping Eva full of his inflatoxins into her (which is similar to a puffkiss) and making her fat. I love this! I am a fan of your art and love your art. Your art is good as always and you should do more art with puffkisses/ inflatoxins to random ladies, lol.

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      Awwwww thank you so much <3