Deku Aen's terrible fate by aFurreak

Deku Aen's terrible fate


23 September 2018 at 17:24:08 MDT

And here's the aftermath of the tf pic. He's now definitely a Deku scrub! Poor sharko... ç.ç
Thumbs up for the Majora's Mask art style! I'm really digging it! x3

Like I said in the last pic description,
I'm gonna keep him like this starting from the Autumn equinox (notice the red-yellow foliage UwU) until the day he'll find a way to heal his wounds! On that day, Majora's curse will vanish.

Thus, in this period, ANY COMMISSION REQUESTING A LORD AEN CAMEO WILL FORCEFULLY BE SHIFTED INTO A DEKU AEN! (oh, and I will probably reopen type-A comms due to the large request. I will open type-B comms later)

Enjoy! And happy Autumn! x3

Deku scrubs and Majora's mask belong to nintendo!


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    I. LOVE this! xD
    At least he's still chubby~