[YCH] Throne of Plenty by aFurreak

[YCH] Throne of Plenty


30 August 2018 at 17:46:04 MDT

Nightwing discovered a medieval ghost town called Plenty. Everything left abandoned, in ruins. The only thing left intact which stood out from the rest, was just a throne. An unusual one, which belonged to a certain Cuccagna, also known as the legendary dragon lord of the Land of Plenty! Odd and interesting at the same time! Hmm...
As soon as he sat on, he began feeling an immense power pumping up his belly, along with the rest of his body.
He grew, he stretched out, he changed.
And all of a sudden, he became big enough to fill the throne. Strong enough to become the legendary Cuccagna, fat dragon lord of the now suddenly rebuilt Land of Plenty!

As soon as he thought he couldn't grow anymore, tangible fat ghost people appeared, pampering and feeding their now reborn lord!
And while he tried to separate himself from the throne (fruitlessly) as his mouth kept engorging and his tum kept growing, the ghosts of the Land of Plenty would just scream in joy:

YCH scene for Nightwing35!!! Thank you again for participating!