Rhime Rattata by Afterglow (critique requested)

Rhime Rattata (critique requested)


4 September 2018 at 18:09:26 MDT

Coming in for a landing!

I don't think I've ever drawn paws quite like this, so that was neat to pull off.  Nor this particular angle of shading (she's lit from her left side, which is facing away from us).

The white/albino version is Rhime the Rattata, a commission for tawnie, and I also made a "usual Rattata" purple version since I thought people would like to see that too!

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    (Refering to image saying Critique)
    You talk about lightning angle, and I'd have to say the angle you picked is showing through quite well for the lighting. The character overall is really cute how you've drawn it, and I love the extra bit of Shaggy floof at the tail base.

    Not to add more work to future Cell shaded pieces, but for pieces that show a lot of the Darker Shaded area, I also add in another layer of Cel Shade to help emphasize the shape of the areas already in the shade. Such as the one ear that's not facing the light. And someone taught me a while ago that Cell shading is easier if you put the shade layer over the whole thing then erase where the light is hitting. Something about doing it that way has helped me find the lit areas a lot easier. Don't know if you do that already.