Revenge by afrozenheart



15 February 2015 at 11:09:01 MST

Gosh, took some time, not to mention that it was started few months ago or so XD Anyway, idk what to add more, evenrything what was needed, was added like snow, snow on body, all that mist and her breath steam :shrug: Oh whell, whatever- its a remake of one of my old image that you can find here

I looked at it again and laughed at myself XD at least 4 years of improvement! :D

I still dont know what to do with this Froz, i still like her much, even if she is a pain to shade. For now i guess i will leave her as reflection of Froz that is now, i will think on later what to do.

Reflection Froz and image (c) ME, DO NOT USE IN ANY WAY!

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    dat kitty tried to look evil. Cute! XD... - the Snowfall looks like there must be strong Wind. Just wondering why the Fur is not bending with it. ^^ - other than that, nice idea ^^

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      Oh she can be evil if sh wants|D yeah, there are times that my mind slips and i forget about physics XD Firstly it was done on paper as lineart so i didnt think carefuly about all that D: thanks Nero! XD

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        mh, shit happens sometimes ^^ next time it will be better, i guess. If I do mostly scenes like that i usualy think about physic area and character in connection with each other, but sometimes i do mistakes too if i forget something, or as i remember the wrong shouler pose on atlass character. ^^ i guess this fur would look floofy poofy smooth in this wind movement ^^.

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          lol yeah, good memory but short haha:"D i usually do the same but sometimes i get lost of how to make the char look epic and forget about surroundings hahaXD