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Death Valet Chapter 2 Page 48 by A-Fox-Of-Fanfiction

Death Valet Chapter 2 Page 48


And thus the curtains close on Chapter 2, with Joshua Sanchez's plan still a mystery.

Sorry about the delays, but good and bad news, I have an announcement.
After experiencing this highly annoying series of delays, I am going to be putting Death Valet on hiatus for a little while so I can build a backlog  in the name of consistent updates. I'm unsure just when the hiatus is over, it might be June 23rd, June 30th, or July 7th.
I'll be keeping updates on Tapas and Webtoons, but that's because they aren't as 'up to date' as other sites.
In April or May however, I might be releasing Death Valet pages ahead of time up on Patreon, it may take that long due to financial difficulties in buying pages. Which I will be giving an overhaul soon as well.
I'm also involved in some projects that could help me procure more funding for Death Valet, more on that later.
Hope you guys aren't disappointed by this news :) hope you have a good day and stay safe out there. <--Previous Next-->

The script and cast belong to me.

Lineart, inks and lettering done by colors and shading done by

I hope you'll check out my Patreon :iconPatreon: there's plenty of other pages up there too for your enjoyment.

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