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Date Night


9 March 2019 at 09:57:52 MST

Here's another commission I bought quite some time ago from and here we have Rod and Hackman's lovely OC Gina, who are both out on a date.


There have been numerous journeys that all four of the Garth siblings have undertaken, and yeah, to multiple alternate universes, which isn't so hard to believe seeing as interdimensional (and interplanetary) travel is essentially like getting an international flight on Rod's world...and yeah, also requires passports, but that's not important.

One particular journey concerned some work of Rod's after he was hired to help serve as a bodyguard to a diplomat named Gina, who was a native of another universe that was in their 25th century, after some guy attempted to kill her, her boss hired a formidable bodyguard, and due to their universe establishing contact on Death Valet's world (and a well placed ad that Chieko purchased) Rod and Chieko were hired to bodyguard Gina.

As you can guess, Rod was very interested in sleeping with their client, however due to the fact that Gina wasn't especially easy to seduce, and the fact they quickly got driven into a feud with some galactic tyrant named Cleavil, who was apparently trying to kill Gina to get back at her daughter Clarissa, with whom she was constantly warring. Rod was pretty good at dealing with his minions, though due to his refusal to hit (most) women, he let Chieko be the one to open up a can of whoop ass on the tyrant, along with Clarissa (who'd taken a break from her exploration of the universe to help her mom).

When the job was all said and done, and Cleavil was too scared of a Japanese, female gunslinger to try the whole assassination game again, Rod and Gina ultimately ended up going on a date, as Gina did have a day off coming up, and she had ultimately found him to be, despite his stupidity, to be actually quite charming, so she decided that yes, she would like to go on a date.

Now Rod's initial ideas for a date were shot down, but not because he suggested sex, Gina wasn't opposed to the idea, she just wasn't the sort of woman who'd head right to the bed on a date, and usually not the first one. No, she objected because Rod had suggested going to a restaurant that was way below her standards, she had plenty of money, and she loved five star dining, first class all the way.

Rod wasn't usually comfortable with eating at fancy restaurants, but a woman like Gina was worth putting up with wearing a tux, so he agreed.

While Rod had forgotten his shoes, few at the restaurant were willing to object to the Earth ambassador's date. So Rod was happy about that. After they seated, they ordered their food and Rod soon ended up displaying that he had little to no idea how to handle silverware at a fancy eatery, due to him wondering why they had all these extra forks as he certainly wasn't dumb enough to lose those, for example.

Yet in spite of him not being too much in his element, Gina herself enjoyed the date a lot, because even if the feel of the sort of suit he rarely wore was kinda strange to him, she liked visiting and dining with the alligator, and the music certainly helped, with the backdrop of the stars.

There was dancing in another part of the restaurant, and after eating, Rod took Gina to the ballroom, he wasn't too good at some dances, but in some others (including the tango) he displayed surprising amounts of agility and skill she didn't expect someone who'd confuse a 25th century hairdrier for a multi-pronged dildo to have, needless to say, by the end of the dinner and dancing, the two both ultimately had a real good time, Gina liked Rod, and though she wasn't interested in trying to go steady or anything, she could think of a good way to end the night.

So Rod got invited over to Gina's space-penthouse after all...


Rod Garth belongs to me

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