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Candy Pilfering with Sep & Tia by aFilthySmutWriter Septia

Candy Pilfering with Sep & Tia

Candy Pilfering with Sep & Tia

Written by Septia.

“Phoururrreh…” Tia let out another groan. Whiskers of sunshine from the window had crept up from her chest to highlight her face; the perturbed countenance surfacing amidst wrapped caramels therein, the oknytt laid haphazardly in the bowl on the counter as the picture of lethargy.
-Phowp- The lid of a bon-bon jar next to her dislodged as Sep popped up, peering at his twin.
“Been like that since you tuckered yourself out yesterday,” resting his chin on the brim of the glass, his left-combed hair drooping down alongside it.
Tia thrusted out a sigh, whipping up her tail to brush at the side of her cheek. “Why is mom so cruel? This place is boring.” She lamented and stuck the bushy tail tip in her mouth, nursing every speck of sweetness by suckling the end slick and narrow.
Sep peered out into the candy shop, seeing the rows of shelves taller than a ladder segmenting the space into aisles sporting shelves lined with exotic sweets, stocked in an ocean of see-through crates stuffed in a mélange of vibrant candies and confections. He peered back to his twin, who was curling her tail around a caramel. “Been a few days so far, could'a been worse?” He wondered.
“Aaaamggsmpgshp,” Tia stuffed the candy – half the size of her head – through her lips, smacking around it for her saliva to soak into it, breaking down and blending into the layers of sucrose, before swallowing it down.
Sep sighed.
“Could'a stayed in the empty bakery, or would ya've gotten too sappy?”
Tia's eyelids narrowed as she stared into the ceiling, smacking her lips around the candy and working through the wrapper of her next treat.
Sep’s eyes darted to and fro, contemplating the store. It was a fine building, housing tunnels and nooks in walls and floor. Though, he wasn't used to be the vocal majority between the two, and being forced to move was rarely comfortable.
-Thtwnwpwrp- The rush of air from Sep diving back into the jar caught Tia's attention, and with a glance she noticed someone at the door, hastily wading into the embrace of the caramels. While the shop was… open, there were few localities more desolate than a candy shop on a weekday's morning.
Two boys sauntered into the store, secluded beneath broad black hoods sporting wide pockets. They the boys gave each other a glance, then split up, one heading down the aisle, the other to the counter. He stuck his fingers into the bowl, rummaging idly whilst springing through the store.
His accomplice gestured for the coast being clear.
The boy smiled, clutching three caramels, but as he shifted his hand, with a slick flick of his wrist, the caramels were stuffed into the hood, putting back the lone caramel without batting an eye. The boy shuffled back to join his twin in the aisle, showcasing less tact now they were certain of their secrecy, stuffing their pockets handfuls of strawberry liquorice, chocolate coins, toffee and jelly hearts.
Tia poked her head up, a wrapper clinging to the to her taut hair bun…
“I have never seen such scoundrels.” Tia declared, suckling traces of candy dust from her tail puff.
Sep peeked back from the jar, peering between the twin thieves and Tia. “Hmmm.”
“We are diff, we live here, we make ourselves useful in return for lodging and food.”
“Have we done so far?”
“Taken care of a couple scoundrels,” Tia said, twirling the tip of her tail puff.

~ 1 ~

Of course bro had snagged the puff bananas by the time he’d come back from scouting the front. I should've insisted to go first. Still, maybe he'd actually share them, this time.
-Gbrhrgllsh- I clasped over my stomach, feeling a tipple course through my fingertips. Wasn't that long ago since we ate, but dang, my gut was tossing itself into knots already… I glanced at the handful of chocolate buttons, bro's fave snack. He wouldn't mind. I picked up a few and dropped them past my lips. -Splth- My tongue reverberated as the tubby pallets of chocolate melted, drooping out into a coating of cocoa wax, sprouting its flavour through my tastebuds. The rich milky cream was the breath of a midsummer’s breeze down my throat… Then it was over. Vacant. Dreary. Even the memory of the flavour was exorcised… Teeth clenched; arm muscles flexed to tremble. I leered at the treats remaining in my palm. Another one… stuffed past my lips. The sweet tart tones of the candy surged through my tissue, but this time I kept it on my tongue, letting it melt and simmer its flavours into… gone. I still… felt it, in my mouth, but… it was concrete. A flavour profile as deep as paper pulp and an uncomfortable mouthfeel of glue. I swallowed, huffing, then rammed the handful against my face. I stuffed the avalanche of chocolate past my lips, sweetness grazing my senses as they piled and pooled down my maw, a tingle of primal joy rushing through me… but the more I ate, the faster their flavour numbed… Come that last chocolate button, biting into it was the same as chomping into a letter.
“Phhagha” I opened my maw, letting the residual chocolate slurry drool free to pool on the tiles below, a glossy puddle of molten sugar staring back at me.
“Hey bro, I found something you'll like.”
His voice anchored me back into the shop, back in the isle… Teeth still clattering, stomach gaping open and yet strained into a knot. I stumbled to the end of the aisle, breath whistling through my teeth until I turned the corner… and saw what he meant… Around the corner, on the end of the isle, rose a human sized mallow-bear, seemingly as the candy shop’s guardian. Its paw pads were glistening, sculpted in an alluring lemon jelly, as was the muzzle, the eyes, and the rounded ears, and beckoning muzzle adorned with an alluring smile. My maw flooded. It was, so big… so much powdered sugar mallow-foam, so much jelly… it had to b…
“What do you think?”
“I-I. It… I need it.” I mumbled. It had to be enough.
I grabbed the bear's shoulders, tilted it towards my lips and planted a big kiss on its forehead. The confectionary soot melted under the heat of my saliva, gluing a flavour of candied, grilled bananas into my lips, a sweetness which sprawled through my tastebuds, ingraining itself down my throat. I let it go, lapping over my lip, savouring every moment I had with it; I didn't want to forget this flavour too. I assaulted the bear, smooching onto the jellied surface, a wave of sour lemon was plastered in the path of the sweetness, contrasting the flavours and complimenting them to new heights. Tears rolled down my cheeks as my lips spread and enveloped it, enveloping the ear, capturing it, and warping around its outlines to capture the precious flavours.
“Mnaaaawn,” I shoved it into myself, lips parting and billowing over the expanse of the mallow-bear's head, the lemon tart base affixing itself in my throat whilst my cheeks engorged with the confectionary head. My lips sank into the pillowy plushness of the puff candy, moulding it down like a marshmallow in the contours of my lips. My maw steamrolled down the treat's cranium until my cheeks inflated crooked around the bulbous mass of candy. -BGhrlrlpgsmp- I had swallowed it down to the thick neck, here, I could chomp down, and ease the pressure in my throat. But… how could I ruin this masterpiece?. As long as I kept eating, as long as I was chugging it down, still the flavour held true, satiating my constrained guts… I had to have it all. -GLlbrhrsrpsms- I guzzled it down, another gulp plying my throat around its head, gullet distending with a rippling chime of jelly as I gorged myself on the treat. I brushed my neck, feeling the broadened outline of the bear's muzzle jiggle beneath my skin… and realised I could still taste it… The taste laid not limited in my mouth… My throat tasted the bear still, it stated the sharp juicy spike of pineapple, and further down my chest I tasted the crispness of watermelon. The ears tasted of sweet strawberry, and my fingers frosted the taste of caramelised lime. My nerves vibrated; an instrument the flavours strummed and played. I had to have it all.
“Aahahrmpgghs-. ahsgmpgsh.” I suckled and gnawed to work the bear down my gullet… the gargantuan girth of the puffy candy deflating dense to stuff my cheeks and congest my throat… -Ofomphhs- -Glglmrprkglsk- Each swallow echoed in my head, radiating with the evolving sweetness and delicate tastes satiating the aching desires of my gut. In fact, in the onslaught of sensations, the only other which broke through to my consciousness was the throbbing desire of my tummy to be filled. I grasped down the length of the bear, and hoisted it upwards, staggering under the sheer bulk, -Fllspththhsts- but hearing the squealing polish of the candy wading through the parted gateway of my lips, -Shqhrhhs- squeezing together to barely crawl and wedge through the threshold of my body. -Shfhflrlprhfs- I slurped and siphoned my saliva from the sweet, an ambrosia which snaked its way down my frame. A thick syrup of spittle and molten jmarshmallow and jelly trawled through down my gullet and snaked its way to pool into my guts, marrying the taste of ample syrup with the very sinew of my guts.
“Mmfmwpgh sgmpsgh,” I moaned out, gasping around the bulk of dreamlike candy… I felt its journey spanning down my frame, swelling my stomach to protrude up against my hook, the bulk engorged till it had construed every bit of space available, growing in width as it -Ghrllpgmgps- gosgosmgpsh- engorged me. It was always a wider expanse for my lips to crawl over, sprawling and tugging to soak the syrupy flesh in my drool.
“Mmgh, Gmspgsh.” Reality hammered into the back of my head. I couldn't take another gulp. My hoodie choked back as my guts bloated wide to the sculpt of my gut, broad enough to invoke the gaze of an obese banana tucked underneath it… I fumbled with the zipper, sweating, flavour siphoning out of my veins. Oh it can't stop, it can't stop now… the desperation makes me fumble, until… -Zxrrrrtffth- the zipper surges down, fuelled by the counterbalance of stomach blubber welling forth from the v-fold expanding at my lap -Bflfpwhfhhthsts- and protruding forth in a gratuitous bounce of jelly and foam congesting my guts. Y-yes, yes so close. I breathed heavier, clapping my palms into my juggling gut, feeling the tummy pliant like clay yet reverberating with the thrum of a drumskin. -Bhffmfmw- -Cbbwbrtshts- The flavour slushed back, assaulting my senses with the succulent concentration of nectar. “-Gmgpghsg- I chugged down again, slumping to the ground with my back to the end of the aisle, -Glmgpthsts- lips curling over the bottom of the mallow-bear, the bottom also made of jelly… squishing and oscillating as I crammed the base down my maw, shovelling its frame into my gullet, straining to wrangle my lips over it…-Slflpsths- I felt my lips meet, pinched over the bloated bottom, warping my cheeks in the process. A calm wafts in through my veins as I arch my head back. -Ghrmgmgmspl- The swallow siphoned the bulk from my cheeks down to engorge my gullet, the dome of flesh carrying the compressed candy through my incarnadine catacombs, sinking in under the embrace of my chest, flattening… -Chbghrlgpgshs- and bulking out my gut to swarm over my knees, the sides of my hoodie flanking it like the mantle of a monarch. I just, sat there, paralyzed, a stupid grin on my face, as I savoured the syrupy nectar the candy had transmuted my saliva into.

“T-thaamfms -Bghauap- phaa, was t-the best, thing I've. I-I've eaten bro…” I mumble, tongue hanging down my chin. “Th-thank you bro. W-would have been too big to smuggle out, its fine right, bro?” silence.
“B-… bro?” I enquire.
-Gbrhhgglgss- a jostle in my lap sends a burbling gurgle through my chest, gullet forming around a blooming bulge that rippled up through my throat.
-Bhruruaaaahrpirrooolrps- -Sllfpthtbsthsa- The belch carried with it a hoodie, soaked in syrupy drool and landing with a -Slpgbbrwtwwsps- clay-rich smatter on the ground, caramels, nougat, and foam bananas sprawling out of its pockets.
“B-bro…?” I question, then palms resting on my guts. -Bgrmwnpgs- A dune of flab burst up, sinking back and forth before trailing back into the confines of the gut, another bloat warping the skin of my exposed gut around a vague countenance…
“Brooo?” I call out, and flailing my arms to, knocking my head back into the aisle and hearing the stacks of candy shake and scramble. I stumble standing, cradling my gut and flicking my head every which way. “Th-aht's can't, but, where I… the bear.”
-Gmmwmgmwg- A gruelling gurgle erupted in my gut. “HG-shwbte mwhah ouths.”
“Aaaaaa…” I froze, then smacked myself in the face, wrapping the hoodie around my gut as best I might, though it barely concealed the bulk of fair grey skin tossing and revolving within.
“I-aill f-fix thi I'm s-som sossry bro I am sorry w-we gootttta, gotta,” I mumble, teetering along the ground with the jostle and thrashing gut lobbing behind in my dash, tottering out of the door with a hail of candy sprinkling from my pockets in our wake. Out of the store, down the street, ignore the eyes trailing behind me, I can't think of that now, I have to get away from here… But still… this time, the flavour lingered, a succulent spectre of my actions, and it was here to stay.

~ 2 ~

“Phffaa, wow,” Tia said perched on the counter watching the twins stumble out of the door. She had a parchment in her lap, licking the tip of her tail for a fine point now and then and scribbling down jottings. “I was going to leave it with the desire, but you really went all out, Sep.” She said.
Sep walked up by her side, stuffing a bonbon down their shrinking cauldron. “Results speak for themselves.” The oknytt said, brow twitching, “’fraid it was too much?”
“I think you are fine, hey by the looks of things, I think they learned a lesson.”
Sep nodded, and peered around the trashed candy shop. “Want to find another place, still?”
“Yeah, I do,” Tia admitted, wrapping up the scroll and dusting off her patchwork pants, “candy is neat and all, but I'm sure too much can lead to consequences.”
Sep smiled. “After clean up?”
“Of course after cleaning up,” Tia snickered and leapt off the counter to scavenge the scattered candy, “what kind of tenants would we be otherwise?”

Candy Pilfering with Sep & Tia

aFilthySmutWriter Septia

After the bakery Sep & Tia made their accomodation shuts down, the two Oknytt heads off to find a new venue. So far the candy store Suttcloac seems decent, but there are some some issues that pop up.

A story written during twin one, that didn't fit in due to the expanded sale slots offered, in our hearts it will always be twinmonth.

Proofreader for this story was The Vermanator, many thanks to them.

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[Story preview:

“Phoururrreh…” Tia let out another groan. Whiskers of sunshine from the window had crept up from her chest to highlight her face; the perturbed countenance surfacing amidst wrapped caramels therein, the oknytt laid haphazardly in the bowl on the counter as the picture of lethargy.
-Phowp- The lid of a bon-bon jar next to her dislodged as Sep popped up, peering at his twin.

Continued in the story above.]