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Herbful Room-mate by aFilthySmutWriter Septia

Herbful Room-mate

Herbful Room-mate

Written by Septia.

-Brhrauarrllrps- Lenora's tongue paddled against the floor of her mouth in the exuberant thrust of humid breath projecting from her maw; reverberations spiralled down to rave through the abdomen sloughed over her lap. The abdomen sagged in segments over the bovine's thighs to mimic the bands of a portly gourd. “Arh arhm, Pardon ma-,” Lenora began, then coughed and patted her chest. “Excuse me, though I really got you to blame for all this gas, bucko.” She said and gave the her tummy a warm plap. Ripples coursed in the vague outline of Lenora's palm, burgeoning to rolling dunes of tummy blubber that subsided as they spread out over the vast expanse of the cow's chub. First stomach felt empty, her palm roved and traced a path over the gut, flattening the bulk in her wake till she pinpointed a far more -Ghrbglpghths- congested clog. “You hold up in there, Omi?” She asked her former-… hmm, current snail roommate.
-Brgggrllpghhssprt- A puckering eructation of viscous tummy-gunk warbled within, as the snail shifted. “Mmrfg…”
“Aah, there there, lil' fellah,” Lenora soothed with her hand cupping droves of chub along her gut, groping and -Chflpfhthst- smushing it inward with her fingers dancing inland dipping in the -Cnfnfph- abdominal adipose.
“You know I didn't intend ta scarf you down, I'm sorry. W… Well, sorry for munching you out of the blue, I was wondering why the aspic suddenly tasted outta this world~.”
“Mhurrrdggh…” Came a squeal of displacement, expressed through a sigh in the confines of the gut. Lenora's belly -Shvfrlwpths- bounding out left before curving back with a flutter of belly fat rattling in the humid gurgles. “Being food's too much effort,” Omi complained with their face slumped against the stomach wall, grinding and brushing their face back and forth so the outline of their face creased and sailed to and from under Lenora's coat. “Can't we just… skip like, the digestion part? I just wanna laze about in your guts.”
Lenora's surprise mellowed to a pleased smile as she -Cttwwhsp- clapped her arms around her engorged tum and flexed her arms, working the entire length of her arms down to compacting and kneading her guts. -Shlrpghts -Chgbrlrpsths- Her abdomen lurching from thigh to thigh, distending and inflating to an orb of meat on her inhale, and retracting with a burble -Sbrlhlths- when it sunk back and clutched the vague outlines of the cooped up snail. “Mmhm, my slimy little treat, belly feller, you're not huddled up in your lil' snail house now, you're macerating in a big bovine's pudgy belly, an’ ya got the a whole three stomachs to get through before I'll drop off a huge,” she said and dug her knuckles into the base of her belly, clamping, “clumpy,” jamming her fists deeper to pinch her upper gut together in her embrace, “batch of…,” she huffed out and -Cbflrlprhghthts- unleashed her gut for her tummy to clap and jostled onto her lap to the tune of dropping sacks of flour into a marsh -Fhfnglpghsths-, “slimy fudge pie out in the fields.”
“Mfmngs, mws…,” Omi grumbled, “but whyy? Can't I just lounge in the sauna tummy instead?”
“Aww sweet lil' fellah, that's not how stomach's works. Why, you're a substantial part of my dinner now, and just like good food should, you'll be winding,” -Crhbrlpgtlwwphs- she brushed and plied her palms along her gut, swaying the path to illustrate the damp grotto of her gastrochambers, “you'll pass through each of my tums till when yer-. When you are good and goopy enough to slip down that chute,” she mused.
“Mmmgaaaa, I'm getting tired just listening to all that, can't we just skiiip it?”
“Tssk tsck.” Lenora clicked her lips and leaned back into the couch, the springs below creaking -cRrfffnsst- as her weight bore down and her stomach -Chflpfbhthts- sloughed outwards, dipping down her knees before -Shclpvths- springing back in a turgid churn.
“I'll keep saying it until you get it, roomie~. You,” -Scmslts- she smushed her gut together, folding flabs of tummy fat and letting it sink back into shape between claps as she played her fingers on the lissome pudge. “Are,” -Shfpgbths-, “my tasty,” -Sghlpthst-, “slimy,” -Thvlpwfhtsh-, “meal-snail.” She dug and sculpted the sloshing meat satchel, sending rattling tendrils of fomenting fumes -Frllsst- through her bowels. “Once past the first stomach, my gut's has recognized you for the tasty morsel you were meant to be, already booked your whole trip through mah tums and planning how thick and satisfying of a cow pat you'll make.” She relaxed, scratching the top of her gut and arching her head back. “And, I feel you're gonna make such a slimy, glossy glob of healthy manure~.”
“Mfmrf…” Omi mumbled and sloshed along with the toppling groan and -Chgbglpthhgs- churns of the gut brewing chyme, steaming their frame soggy and silky, percolating through the tummy streams festering within. “Why'd cows even have four stomachs, that's soo many to go through. It’s gonna take foreveeer… I should'a stayed in the shell…”
-Grrrrnnglgghst- A curl of blistering burble curved through the guts. -Pbfrfllth- The smog vacating, smothered into the seat of the couch cushions as a putter of carrot and broccoli laced methane. The ruffles of the slither of gas rippling through the guts and sending the second stomach vibrating -Clpfhttgsts-.
“Can complain all ya want, fellah, but you sure didn't seem too keen on slithering back out my throat while I was ruminating ya.”
“Mhpgh…” he mumbled, “I was…”
“Too lazy to slough out over the cusp of my lips like a fmsm, big sack of cute snot?” Lenora teased and gyrated her wrist into her gut, forming a crater of dipping blubber around it in her kneads.
“Mmfr…” Omi huffed, stifled in the gentle -Chrlrpghts- groan of the working dung plant.
“If you wanna end up a thick, juicy Lenora mud cake, then ya gotta digest all the way through the rest of my tummies, and I'm gonna make it as cozy as possible, but ya still gotta do it~. Besides, you are a slippery, slimy enough snail that crawling through a couple guts wouldn't be much of a challenge, would it?”
“Mmf… mrrg,” Omi mumbled and twirled, a screwing grumble of chyme whipping in the renounce dough heap of a tummy -Sftwwhht -Vhrrrptlsh- “ookaaay…”
“Atta ‘oy.” Lenora said with a hearty slap to her abdomen -Clpttwwhtp- leaving the gut swaying and weaving back and forth on her lap, drawing her fingers down along the gut to the tune of the waterfall of -Bglrpghthstbs- gurgles mottling within. “You, plus that sloppy Aspic are gonna make for some stanky smog,” Lenora ensured as she wiggled. She heaved her legs up onto the couch to -Chllpthffbwpw- sprawled out on her side with her guts spilling and bounding out free over the cushions.
Outlines of the lazy room-mate bulbed up now and then in the sea of cow chub, though all the more confining with the doughy slop steaming underneath -Cbbvrlrphgs- -Shgrkrplsth-. -Chrlpghts- -Cbghtglpgshts-
Lenora perked up at the swirling grind of lubricated gunk and salivating meat, feeling how Omi swirled up to a bundle in her tummy. “That's the spirit, bub my stomachs know their way around a cutie like you, still got a good time of churning left~.”

~ 1 ~

-Ghrbglpthghs- -Chrvrrrlgltths- Lenora peeked up from her book, then lifted it off her midriff. The engorged bloat laid, tamed, rendered diminished to a doughy bean bag lazying on her thighs. She puts down the tome on Phono-mental studies and cradles the guts in her arms.
-Gbrglgps- -Clpghts- Ripples surfaced as pinches and disturbances across here and there as the guts chugged along the gluey butter brewing within, -Chhgflpfthhtsgs- feeling the rich globules feed through the fourth stomach at a snail's pace. “There we are, that wasn't so tough, was it?” -Bbrfflftrggrbrlflpfrhrhths- The plume of smog bolstered free through the bovine's plump pachyderm posterior, Lenora felt her hand -Fplfsths- sinking into the deflating stomach as it -Ffrbrpts- unloaded an enduring, meaty fart, fumigating her surroundings with an air of vinegar boiled caviar stewed in staled gym socks, a beefy conjunction of brine and fermentation painting than aura of stench around the bovine.
Lenora barely stifled a chuckle as she massaged into her sagging core, sloughed as a teardrop of fertilizer between her hips.
“Just a cozy little trip through my mud factory, that's worth the effort, ain't it dung pie?” she said with a smile, sitting back and stewing in the relaxing funk lingering as a pale yellow smog in the air.
“Miss chomped.”
Lenora shook her head and blinked, looking down to hone her eyes to the front oft the classroom.
“You are aware, that you're excused from Phenomenal studies if you so badly have to use the bathroom.”
Lenora scooched her chair in to conceal her gut under the desk, her left hand idly swirling through her curls. “Appreciated, though, I've still got a while left with this room-… morsel~.”

Herbful Room-mate

aFilthySmutWriter Septia

Whilst working through a meal of Aspic with her roommate, Lenora ends up with a richer and more filling meal than anticipated. Though, does her roommate have anything to say to her?

This story was a Donation commission for Dendollae, who also did the proofreading, with their character Lenora.

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(Character Quote: "Doing alright in there pard-, ah, friend?" -Lenora)

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afilthysmutwriterseptia afilthysmutwriterseptia

[Story preview:

“Aah, there there, lil' fellah,” Lenora soothed with her hand cupping droves of chub along her gut, groping and -Chflpfhthst- smushing it inward with her fingers dancing inland dipping in the -Cnfnfph- abdominal adipose.
“You know I didn't intend ta scarf you down, I'm sorry. W Well, sorry for munching you out of the blue, I was wondering why the aspic suddenly tasted outta this world~.”

Continued in the story above.]