Terms of Service by aFilthySmutWriter Septia

Terms of Service

Terms of Service


  1. I have the right to refuse any commission request for any reasons. (Though refusing is the exception not the norm, I still hold that right).

  2. Work on the story will begin after discussions with the commissioner has taken place.


  1. By commissioning me, the commissioner agree to pay when the story is done. In the rate my writing work at the time of accepting the commission. I do not take payment before I have completed the story, but when I have started working on it you agree to pay once it is complete.

  2. Payment will, as standard, be done through paypal. I am, however, open to other ways of payment. This has to be discussed with me first, feel free to suggest other viable methods.

4.2. Payment will not be accepted from people who's name is set as a pseudonym on the paymenet service. Names such as "Just a. Dude" will not be accepted.

  1. Payment is done once the story has gone through its first draft (and is by that stage considered as "completed") either by a down payment of half the commissions cost followed by a second payment of the remaining amount after the story has been recieved, or by full payment.

5.2. Should it be deemed neccessary, A down payment will be required before writing begins.

  1. Once the story is being written, no refunds will be allowed. If for any reason the commissioner has to cancel the commission while it is not yet completed, partial payment for the work done will be required, no exceptions. This includes compensation for time spent preparing and discussing for the story.


  1. In commissioned stories involving copyrighted characters or settings owned by parties other than me or the commissioner, I do not hold copyright over said characters or settings, nor do I claim to have such a copyright.

  2. Any story including copyrighted characters or settings are to be considered parody. The commissoner agrees to this by way of commissioning me. (When ordering a commission from me).

  3. Commissioners are allowed to upload their stories to their own accounts - after I have uploaded the story myself - if they meet the following criteria: 1, if they credit and link back to me; 2, if they inform me that are are posting it; 3, if they do not violate another agreement made clear in the terms of service or othervise.


  1. After the first draft is finished it will be made available to view by the commissioner and in this stage edits can be done, with minor edits not adding any additional fees.

10.2. Alternatively the story may be written to completion before given to the commissioner for the transaction to take place.

  1. Minor edits include: Changes of name (of characters or locations), small sections of the content re-written (changing a way something is described etc.), adding small additional detail to certain sections (more descriptions of certain situations etc.) and other simmilar changes.

  2. Large edits after the writing has begun will result in additional fees. What constitutes as a large edit varies and is always determined by me on a case to case basis.


  1. A commissioner is never allowed to make profits from commissions I have written. The exception being if other terms have been discussed with me and additional fees paid. A commissioner has the right to edit their commission. A commissioner can also upload an edited commission as long as they credit me, link back to my sites and link to the original version of the commission. They are not allowed to make profits from an edited commission either.

  2. Someone is considered to be commissioning me after agreeing on commissioning me and after work on concerning the story has begun.

  3. A commissioner agrees to this terms of service if they commission me.

  4. A commissioner has the right to remain anonymous in the uploading of their story, but must adhere to the other agreements on the Terms of Service.


  1. The Term of Service may change or be edited in the future, should I consider the need arises.

Terms of Service

aFilthySmutWriter Septia

20 May 2016 at 12:18:20 MDT

This is the general Terms of Service for my commission writing. It is reccomended someone who wants to commission me reads it, but it is mostly general information. It can be quite an informative read.
I will link to this from most of my profiles on other sites, so Greetings if you are here from one of them.

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