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emergency commissions

edit: wow thank you to all that helped!!!! i just got the last of what i needed and mum's getting the car later today!! she;s very happy and is very grateful for you all thank you so much!! i'm gonna leave these open for a few more hours before i close them to let everyone get a chance for commissions <3

i've explained this almost three times today and i'm just really upset about this happening but i really need help asap!!! but basically here's a run down of what's happening:

an asshole of an apartment building tow guy decided to tow several cars including ours for 250$ for not having a parking sticker
and the office didn't tell us that and we've been there for almost 2 years
the tow guy says it's in my gma's lease and he just lied for an excuse for money
gma just finished reading her lease and it said nothing about a parking sticker and what he's doing is in fact illegal charging over 125$ and the people he towed from are threatening to leave because this isn't the first time he's done this
we've called the police station and they've said they've had a problem with him before and will see what they can do but hopefully it's something enough to get mum's car back with a fee less than what he wants/ no fee at all
i'm trying to help my mom get it back before friday or else it will go up each day
she has no way to work and her friend usually leaves to go out of town unexpectedly sometimes and she's trying to save money until she gets paid on thursday

my prices are here and i'd appreciate if you could signal boost this please!!!!

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