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This account is going to be inactive at first until I get a functionable computer. I was too impatient though, so went ahead and made one. So expect art and customization in a few months xD. This account is going to be dedicated to my arcane anthro characters.

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Obligatory Joining Journal :P

Title is self explanatory. So! I've anticipated joining Weasyl for a while, and hope it has a few perks to offer. So far I like it, such as the character options, and commission add-on. Plus the layout of the whole site is pretty nifty, I like the color scheme. No need to comment on the mascot, it was pretty much the first thing that perked my interest of this site (weasels are my favorite animals xD).

Despite my artistic inactivity until I can obtain a functional computer with SAI, I'm having fun just exploring the little options. I'm motivated to work with this place.

I mainly intend to only submit digital, anthro-related artwork pertaining to a certain story-line of characters. I also want to really improve my style and how I execute things in my artwork before I start submitting. It's been a long while, and I really need to start improving :/. I wanna amp up my shading style (I'm mainly looking forward to maybe trying something similar to artist like Tsampikos, Metz, and Dawniie. You know, that reallllly soft, smooth, and pretty type.) and add some more quaint personality to my drawing anatomy and stuff.

I intend to submit some exclusive pieces to this site, and more in-depthful character analysises and story perks, rather than on my DA, where it's pretty much "Here's a new picture of this character. Enjoy. Thanks for the faves in advance."

Ummmm about pretty much site stuff........ I don't know what to say being I'm going to be dead to all but messages here for a few months.

Ah, for the "friends" and "follow" options. I'm sort of OCD about drawing the line on these things. To me, a follow is "I like your work and want to see more." For getting a friends request though, that's a little more personal. Unless I really know you and we talk like, often and stuff, please don't send one. It's awkward when I get one and have to deny it xD;. I've just sort of been emptying them out my box, it's too awkward trying to hit the "ignore" button without feeling like a total bitch xD;. So yes! I would suggest getting to know me better before sending these. I won't lie, becoming friends with me over the internet isn't really easy because I have little access to IM things like Skype or Messenger or stuff right now, and I was pretty inactive on them before because they constantly crashed my computer. So it's not something I would particularly encourage you to endevour in xD.

jkjkdjfkdfj I know I'm forgetting something, uhhhh.....

I can't remember. But yeah :U.

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$ 10.00
Full Body + Color
$ 30.00
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Reference Sheet
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I'll draw anything save 18+, vore, and overly obese characters. Blood, guts, homo-anything, curse words, and romance pics are in the open~.



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