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Tenefer Eos by Aelius

Tenefer Eos


9 December 2012 at 17:45:01 MST

Another from 2007 (I'll get us to 2012 eventually XD ), this wolf isn't a part of Akosha's crew, but he does live in the same time period on his own adventure.

From the land of dawn, a lone wolf searching for his purpose... perhaps even... his own destiny.

Though not a key player in the story of the Sages of Legend, Tenefer nonetheless makes a guest appearance in the tale, briefly joining Akosha and her friends on their journey to the mysterious Kingdoms Of The East. The only son of a wealthy family of Sages, he, too, was given a mission by his Masters to investigate a number of discoveries in the islands to the southeast. Tenefer is still rather naive when it comes to the world outside of his home city, but the skills he's learned as a Sage has pulled him through even the more dire of situations. His own natural curiosity keeps him occupied throughout his travels and the thrill of discovery would make him an excellent treasure hunter in the future as he explores the secrets that his ancestors and their human allies left behind (humans have long been extinct on Raikonia). Befriending Akosha, even if only for a few days, proved beneficial to his personal morale despite being a loner. As can be seen in this image where he stands near a polar lake, he still has quite a ways to go on his journey.

His weapon, the Verrocite staff known as Jynn-Karu, has been passed down through his family since the days when humans still lived, and having been trained with it all his life, he wields it like a true master.

This image came from my wondering what my fursona (at that time, a wolf) would look like as an Ancient Sage. Like most ideas I get, he eventually found his way into my stories and before long, was set up for a Stan Lee-style cameo in my story :p

Terragen was called upon once again for the background and pseudo-reflections on his armor and crystals, but everything else is done by my hand. The designs on his loincloth and thigh-chaps? Done completely in Photoshop (with a mouse!).

Tenefer Eos copyright Aelius (me)

Background by Terragen

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