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Kibwe Arundhati by Aelius

Kibwe Arundhati


When I first made this back in '07, his name was Kiba and it turned out rather thin. Now, five years later as the novel project comes closer to completion, I think he's overdue for an updated piece.

Back on ancient Raikonia, Kibwe was raised in slavery to wealthy northern aristocrats. His life as a servant wasn't all that bad; he was given a pretty high status among the other slaves and even received a better education as a pup. When financial troubles hit his owners and they were forced to sell their slaves to make ends meet, they decided to set Kiba free instead, giving him a pair of meticulously-crafted axes with inlaid Verrocite crystals. Kibwe wasn't sure why they chose him to inherit them, but upon returning to his desert native lands after many years of servitude, his Aura awakened as if reacting to the Verrocite in his weapons.

In the years that followed, he managed to track down what was left of the village he was kidnapped from as a pup, finding them at the mercy of the hyena tribes that had been taking over the lands. Kibwe used his talents as a wild fighter to rescue those that the hyena tribes had captured and fend off the ones that tried to attack his village, eventually helping train the others of his people to fight better.

Before long, Akosha and her posse happened to come across his village during one of their annual harvest festivals. Kibwe was intrigued by the black mare's mission and asked to join her, desiring a new adventure and purpose in his life. Akosha agreed, sensing that his Aura was quite active and willing to have an extra companion in her crew.

Since planet Raikonia isn't Earth, Kibwe's species are normally called "Painted Wolves" or "Savanna Wolves."

He is a dedicated warrior for peace, and one may even be taken aback by how proper and aristocratic his nature is, especially the way he speaks (his upbringing in that kind of environment can be attributed to that). Normally he is very calm and optimistic. However, don't be fooled... when forced to defend his friends and family, he is an EXTREMELY ferocious warrior and refuses to let harm come to those he loves; a dedication strengthened by Akosha's supernatural influence.

Speaking of which, his Auran power is also rather unique among Sages (in those days, at least): the ability to mimic and cancel-out the powers of any Aurans around him. This makes him extremely difficult to take out by other Aurans (namely the malevolent Nephilim Aurans).

Kibwe Arundhati © Aelius (me)

background by Terragen

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