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Cleaned & Preened by Aelius

Cleaned & Preened


26 June 2016 at 19:43:54 MDT

One might say that Sages can be a vain lot at times. Being travelers for the most part, they are often careful to maintain an appearance of nobility regardless of origin, showing to all that they are here and ready to help wherever needed. They're kinda like the rock stars of the ancient Auran world, in that sense. Each a glorification of individuality and bravado (let's face it, if you had their raw, supernatural power and sculpted physiques, wouldn't you be the same way?).

Silara is no different. The feisty fire-fennec has just finished drying off after a bath (a simple task considering she can instantly flash moisture into steam with her Auran power) and is ready to face another day full of adventure!

A full-detail color of this: , here is the third new piece slated to be shown in the Anthrocon Art Show this year.

Silara Aphaias © Aelius