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txt it by AdriOfTheDead

txt it


6 February 2015 at 20:21:55 MST

I felt it was high time to make a new full body pic of my character for 2015. I'll be using it as a pseudo reference for them until I can make a sheet to replace the old one. Also I didn't realize until halfway through inking that the pic was almost an exact redraw of this: >> << which was made around this time last year. idk how that happened, but oh well :Ua

(A reminder that Adri-cat, like myself, is non binary, neither male nor female, so please refrain from referring to them (and me) as such. Thanks. If you'd like more information on them, check out their Charahub page:

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    This is really cool :DD

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    This is awesome! I really like the slimmed down design, particularly their hair!

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    I remember you tweeting WIPs of the shoes on the old image and thought you were purposely re-drawing it! That's so funny how it was an accident, hahah.
    Adri is the best cat and I love how you always draw them floating. ;w;

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    Oh my god, a friend of mine has the exact same phone case as your character. Whoah.

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    Well, when one has awesome floaty powers, one tends to use them! XD Both are great pics!

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    I really love the clothes and the hair style on this one.

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    Well now that you've started the pattern, all of your refs for Adri-cat should be in that pose! CONSISTENCY.

    (Give to me that shiiiirt aaaah)