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Low Poly Adricat Head by AdriOfTheDead

Low Poly Adricat Head


25 January 2014 at 00:57:21 MST

I've been futzing about with Blender lately. Here are the most recent results of my futzing

(the very thought of adding hair terrifies me... maybe I'll wait until I get my hair cut)
(seriously why did I design my character's hair to be so non euclidean and hard to draw)

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    Non Euclidean is best geometry

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    Hair is never fun to model, but all it really takes is patience. And I applaud you for picking up Blender since it's not a very easy to start with, but it really pays in the end.

    Two things on the model itself...

    • You'll make your life easier if you separate meshes to different objects, like the horns in this case. They can be attached later on if needed.
    • You might be going too lo-poly. Even if you were going for real-time 3d, the polygon count these days is silly huge.

    What I actually like to do in Blender is that I sculpt a hi-density mesh with the sculpt tools. It gives you a quick start on the shape you're after. Then it's just a matter of creating a new topology on top of it.

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      Well, the horns themselves are their own mesh, I just built them off to the side and attached them by the vertices on the forehead lol

      The chunky, low-poly look was kind of what I was after but I wanted to start off with something rather simple first just to get the hang of it. Thanks!