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It is Time by Adri-chan2

It is Time


23 May 2017 at 00:17:22 MDT

Many years had passed ever since the death of the Almighty Adi...sacrificing her very life for the sake of her people to be turned back to normal, Zeke...the Uberhero whom watched how his deity died with his own eye, was upset that she decided to do such a thing instead of him, and just as he was feeling so, the people whom once followed the almighty's commands, we're weeping for her, but yet...the Patapon's we're thankful for her sacrifice, knowing that...aside of dying by her own terms and not by the one whom cursed her, that with her death...they continued to live on, and with the knowledge that they we're closer to there goal to reach earthend.


Meanwhile the familiar Ex-General as well mourned for her death, all while still having the appereance of the Dark Hero of Earnestness...he felt content that at the very least he did manage to speak with the goddess the day before her death...that he was his own self despite being a diffrent character and that he will try his best to take care of his people, which thankfully...the Zigotons accepted there lord with open arms, very content that they came back despite there looks. And with there help, Gong managed to turn back to his former self.

Thought...just as soon as the news spread of him turning back as a square, the Zigoton Lord was surprised by the appereance of the Patapons, holding a letter and his old weapon (His original scythe back from Patapon) telling that the letter was from the late goddess and that they we're instructed to give it to him once he turned back to normal, Gong later noticed the small box that the Patapon's we're holding, revealing a star shaped object...and the letter reveals that it was a piece of her original cap (the one she was born with) and the letter explained that when time comes, he should bring it to the Land of Gods...and that sadly she didn't have much details...or pages, to explain about the importance of so, but hopefully her new sibling might and that he should talk to him to know more of so. (And as well to keep an eye on him and help him just like how much he did with her). And as time passed, Gong discovered from the new Almighty, Danaos...that he was chosen as her new Uberhero, or he had the chances and potential to do so thanks to the star piece he received from Kami Adi, that obviously she thinks highly of him to be chosen, but if he wishes to not take such roll and responsability, he could simply give the piece back to the Gods when the time comes, which it will happen when he and the next God pass away...

Why so? well... he later explained of an old Prophecy in which all those whom had guided the Patapon's will be brought back to life, those whom we're born and blessed by the Tree of Life and the Benevolent One as a 'second chance' to help and aid there kind towards a better life, knowing well that there 'lifespan' we're really short to do anything much, and also that the Tree of Life cannot produce anymore childrens to guide and help the Patapons.

So after absorbing every bit of information he could get, Gong simply continued his life...aiding the Patapons as much as he can and while protecting and caring for his tribe and people. All while too, meditate and think about the choices he had for the upcoming event...

Up until it was time.

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