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I just post stuff here, hoping for some feed back on how to improve. I would love some criticism as long as it's constructive.

Feel free to talk to me if you want, I'm rather easy going but don't just start shouting off that I'm one of your favorite artist or anything just to get some art.

Hobbies/Interest: music (play bass, guitar, and use to play drums), ham radio, film (b-movies and horror), painting, drawing, firearms, archery, survivalist, few others I can't think of.

If anyone around the Colorado Springs area wants to hang out, give me a shout. Looking for folks to hang out and play games with, not for relationships, sorry.

Requests: not right now.
Trades: Ask
Commissions: Ask.


Fox blackstripe
Adrian Skunk

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What you get: 300 dpi picture at 8" x 11". (might be cropped slightly to fill the image better if need be)

What you can do with it: Feel free to repost or print if you wish, I do ask that you keep me sourced. You're not allowed to sale or otherwise make money from them. Feel free to crop for icons or thumbnails or whatever. However, I still own the right to the art, meaning I may post it or use it as a reference for other things (such as if I make a commissions price sheet).

Process: I tend to work in batches of three (3), meaning I'll take the first 3 pictures, sketch, ink, and color then depending on the order I feel. I won't move onto other ones until those 3 are completed unless an issue arises. This helps keep me from burning out on one image, and helps let you know a general time that I'll get around to working on it. You're free to ask for an update, but I tend to update people with the sketch, ink, and coloring.
I'll do major changes during the sketch phase. If you don't like the pose or think of a better idea, I need to know while I'm sketching. Multiple major changes such as reworking the whole sketch several times, or changing the character after they have been sketch might incur additional charges if I feel the need. I'll let you know before I continue so there aren't any surprises. During the inking and coloring phrase, I'm fine with making small changes, just let me know.

Payment: I accept Paypal only. Payment must be made in full after the sketch before I continue working on it. If something comes up and you need to cancel the commission, then I will still have to charge for the work I have done. (If I haven't started it, no charge, of course). Please add your user name to the comments section of Paypal so that I know where the payment came from.

I'll be making a price sheet soon and will link it here once it is up.

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    I had to come over and make sure i was, in fact, watching you on here so i didn't look like i was actually refusing to watch you on weasyl.

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      ha, its fine.I don't expect many people to follow me over here.

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    Who's this fag

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    I knew I saw that skunk before, only I didn't know where...
    And haha, I can't believe I found you on Weasyl before I did on FA. :D

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    Hi floofy skunk! huggles :3

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    Awwr cute sona!