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Third Kitseu - Fall's Lavender - PTA - Closed by AdoptsEnchanted

Third Kitseu - Fall's Lavender - PTA - Closed


Common Antler Type
Male Gender ~ 60% of population
November Exclusive Sphere
Common Mane Type

Rules and Information:
~ Upon ownership confirmation, it is highly encouraged to either join the discord or dA group.
~ Kitseus are a closed species, but breeding will be available once a few adopts have been up and claimed.
~ You can use this Kitseu in any roleplay or story you wish. You may not use the lore and information of the Kitseus without credit, however.
~ You may sell, trade, or giveaway the Kitseu to members and non-members. Although, if not a member, the new owner is advised to join the dA or discord group.

Price: $10.00 USD or 1,000 points.

Other Payment Methods:
1. Custom HQ Art
2. Other closed species
3. Custom HQ Adopts
4. HQ Characters/HQ Adopts

Upon Purchase you Recieve:
~ All images shown above as seprate PNGs, and two reference sheets.
~ Ability and permission to use the Kitseu in stories, RPs, etc. . .

After 2 December, 2017, this pay to adopt will end and I will take ownership of him.

Kitseus are a closed species made by me (LastingEnchantments(main dA)), and cannot be created without prior consent.
Deer lineart (chibi and regular), edits, design, background, and sphere (c) LastingEnchantments (main dA)
Human linearts (c) CozyCat Studios and Rofeal, respectfully.

Owner: Voidyskelecat(Omen) on Adopts Amino