Egg Adopt Batch Design #1 by AdoptCreations

Egg Adopt Batch Design #1


12 February 2015 at 10:28:59 MST

What you Get:

  • A new Fursona based off the egg design!
  • Random Charater/ In less Pay to pick Species

What you need to do!!

  • Comment Under the row of which egg you want. Exm: Third Egg [Row 2]
  • State a Gender!

How to get it:

  • Reply under the comment of which egg you want with a Offer.
  • Any Species Random/In less payed to pick
  • Once accepted, Will ask for email to Invoice.
  • Only Paypal
  • Will Hatch 2-3 days later [Or the same day]
  • If you want anything extra like accessory or a certain type of hair, places state it.

-Please be sure that you have read our TOS!

  • If you don't like what you receive, there is no refund.
  • You are NOT allowed to sell the design without Our permission. If we catch you doing so, it will be taken back, money kept, and you will be banned from future adopts. This rule is solid.
  • If We don't see the adopt being used after 4 months, We will take it back.
  • You are only allowed to trade off the design if permission is given by us.
  • Your allowed to buy a egg as a gift.
  • You have 24hr to pay after the hatched design is posted if you don't pay before hand.
  • Your not allowed to Majorly edit the design. Small changes are allowed.
  • There is no Reply to last ladder. Just reply under mine.

Egg 1: $10
Egg 2: $8
Pay to Pick Species: $5

Example: Egg $10, Species Mouse $5 for Total: $15


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