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I'm Adoptberries on DA as well, I make adopts in efforts to save up for collage now soon. My goal is to attend MWP Pratt.

I'm currently a student at the Chicago High School for the Arts. My life goal after collage is to become an Art History teacher/ Illustrator.

Pumpkin and Maggot chibis in Banner made by Underworld Puppet on DA.

Things about me:

  • Born in October.
  • I like creepy Halloween things...
  • Loves oddities
  • My fursona is an Axolotl Tree Kangaroo...
  • I have three favorite animals, Axolotls, Tree Kangaroos and Penguins.
  • My characters almost always have odd names... Maggot, Pumpkin, Banshee, Roach, Xie and Ur to name a few.
  • I adore role playing!



Latest Journal

Did I?

Did I kill somebody in a past life? or maybe I downed a bunch of Kittens...
Really, This has not been my year, 2014 has had so much shit go down and I'm so tired right now.

  • I'm tired of all the useless points of myself.
  • I'm scared for my Bro.
  • I'm worried for my friend.
  • I'm praying for a friend who has died. (he did however protect his cousin when it happened and truly was a great guy, like really, His death is a total freak accident.)
  • I'm getting swamped with college stuff that never seems to end.
  • I'm up all night every night making sure my brother is ok or didn't fall somewhere.
  • I'm busy stopping our kitchen from flooding.
  • In four year, I've only been on two field trips with school. I've now had nine scheduled in the last two weeks with a heap ton of home work.
  • I want to draw... but don't feel the mood to do anything beyond a half assed sketch.

Can someone tell me something happy now?

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    Ah thanks for the follow!

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      For the pieces you have up you look like an awesome person, it would be a shame not to follow ya. You even have a penguin, an evil one, but still an ultra cool one. XD

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        Haha woah thanks XD!!! I hope to be uploading more stuff soon, just been SOOOOOO busy haha ; v ;

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    I'm suprised you don't have more followers on here D:

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      Well I might have had the account for a bit but I forgot to upload for so long. Though I don't mind the lower watcher count so much, it takes time to get noticed and I really like the site now. I'm sure once I post more recent works people might take notice.

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    Yohoho~ Thanks for following me matey!