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Talix and Crew (Adults)


21 January 2016 at 20:17:56 MST


The main characters at the start of Talix's backstory. Again, I'm really happy with how these turned out.

If you're up for a read:https://www.weasyl.com/journal/100983/talix-s-backstory

Rhodiin Gohta He became a brawler with his experience of beating up Talix when they were younger. The guilt of what had happened twelve years ago led him to spend his time participating in fights for money. Talix and Luca would eventually meet up with him after word gets spread out about an upcoming match featuring him. If Talix meets up with his orc rival alone, Rhodiin wouldn't be too happy to see him considering Talix would have gotten his memories back at that point and would want to explore the cave where Percival had perished. And since Rhodiin is a rather insecure individual and isn't very at handling his emotions, he resorts to violence. If Talix met up with Luca first and is accompanying him, she would stop the two from going at each others throats.

Luca Belenus Luca was absolutely devastated after the loss of her brother, Percival. It took her quite some time to recuperate, and she grew up avoiding long confrontations with friends and family in favor of reading books on magic and practicing archery. A few years after Talix went missing she went into a deep depressed state. A knight by the name of K'sko often comforted her and with his help she was able to press on and eventually became a teacher for trainee wizards.
One night, she had a vision, that her brother and Talix still lived. She packed her things and set out into the night, but not before encountering K'sko. He told Luca that her greatest weapon was not her archery skills, nor her magical prowess, but her love and compassion. He said that she was always a happy child and longed to see the day that her happiness would return. With a sudden rush of optimism and a cheerful smile, Luca promised that she'll return to be the loving girl she once was, and spread that love throughout her travels.
She began her search in nearby towns, and eventually boarded ships to other continents. That's when word began to spread of a pit fighter by the name of Rhodiin. That name was familiar to her...

Basically, in a tabletop setting, I would want Luca and Rhodiin to be doing their own thing while Talix slowly gets over the memory wipe spell that was put on him. If Talix would take too long (as in a couple more years), Luca would meet up with Rhodiin first to sort of change things up a bit and make all three of them equally feel like main characters rather than just Talix.

So, who would you go with?

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