The First Party Member by admirallupine

The First Party Member


5 November 2015 at 19:02:36 MST

Talix waiting to fill in the first slot of the party as the traditional childhood friend who dreams of adventuring and steak. Or as that work-avoiding, yet friendly random fellow who dreams of adventuring...... and steak.
"Another mead please! Make that two... or six rather!"

And a tid-bit from an RP session, edited a bit:

A knight looks up from his drink of ale; his fifth or sixth glass... or was it his twelfth? Only slightly tipsy, he stood up and walked towards you.
"I was wondering when you'd show." Soft in tone, despite his rather rough looking... err, exterior: a gray exoskeleton, somewhat resembling a suit of armor. Through the vents in his helmet-like head which sports a flowing red plume, were two dimly glowing amber eyes with a warm expression matching his tone of voice. He wore rather basic attire: a beige shirt, brown pants, a black belt, black scarf, and specially-made black leather boots for knights. A tower shield on his back, and a sheathed longsword located on the right of his waist; left-handed? He looked a bit silly with such normal clothes and carrying around weapons. No armor or other gear for protection, only a backpack. Perhaps his hard-looking hide is enough, and indeed it is.
He looked at you, gave a small smile with his slight under-bite and "fangy" mouth.
"Talix," he said humbly as he raised his arm for a handshake. His hand, not surprisingly, looked like a gauntlet: black, fleshy palms and pointed fingers barely sharp enough to scratch. "It's a pleasure to meet you, err......?"

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