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This is the home on Weasyl for [[adjective][species]](, a group of writers and blog exploring the furry world from the inside out.

Furry could be said to be a lot of things, but above all, it’s a collection of people. People, with all of their differences and similarities, their overlapping sub-societies, their petty arguments and tangled relationships. The goal at [adjective][species] is to take a look at that from the inside (and maybe occasionally from the outside) and explore this jumble of a fandom. We’ll poke fun and joke around but never be mean; we’ll be a little snarky but always be honest; and we’ll probably abuse literary techniques like hendiatris and labyrinthine sentence structure – because, hey, we’re pretty damn furry, too.

The 2013 Furry Survey is available! In addition, there are several other additional surveys running, many of which lead to data visualizations.

Interested in the intersection of relationships, sexuality, and furry? Be sure to check out Love ◦ Sex ◦ Fur as well! lovesexfur

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New Post: Leadership, Morality and Humanity (Rabbit)

on 14 March 2014 at 13:22:02 MDT

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not, but in Real Life most of the furry fandom—for now, at least—lives in human bodies. We were all born with them, every last one of us. Some may claim souls of more diverse origin, but the flesh and blood nature of their humanity is beyond question. So, when I state that all of us are human and share common hard-wired human traits and frailties I hope people won’t throw too many stones.

For we are human, you know. Thoroughly, depressingly, and very completely so. We see the world through human eyes, hear with human ears, and process these inputs through a nervous system that, though we rarely consider the matter, was shaped solely by evolutionary forces and therefore is brimming with billions of years worth of illogical prejudices and mistaken priorities. Surviving long enough to produce successful offspring is the only thing that matters to Mr. Darwin. Not, for example, having the ability to apply dispassionate and objective logic to all situations. Yes, we’re the best-thinking creatures we yet know of. Yet at heart we’re still just another breed of animal, not immaterial shining globes of energy free from worldly distractions like hemorrhoids and noisy neighbors with ill-mannered children. Not only are we animals, we’re animals equipped with powerful drives and blind instincts, beasts who snarl and fight and sometimes even murder each other for reasons that an immaterial energy sphere would find totally incomprehensible. We’re demonstrably territorial, extraordinarily sexual, protective of our offspring and…

…we live in a social structure that requires a leader in order to function properly.

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