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So Much Work

on 23 September 2013 at 17:19:18 MDT

Yep, I've been working like crazy and spreading myself thin. Too many personal projects lately and on top of that I've been trying to get a job IRL, which has been near impossible. As for the personal projects the list has been building with many things pertaining to my story. My story, The Wolves of Luna, which I've been rewriting has hit a wall until I fully develop the societal structure and religious structure of the people in the story. On top of that I need to create several character designs such as the three evolved forms of the general species as well as more generic characters. After that I need to work on the detailed descriptions of the frequent armors worn in the story, the weapons used, then the M.A.C. (Mobile Armor Core) units and the A.A.C. (Automated Armor Core) units used in the story. Aside from the written work I still have several 3D designs to work on such as the Cathedral of Transcendence, the Shadowed Citadel, the Serpentine Scythe, and the Requiem Blades. As I'm trying to do this I'm struggling to get a job so I can pay off some debt, get a nice place for myself, copyright my works, and start getting some commissions I desperately desire. It might be a while before I post anything just because there's so much to work on, for any that enjoy my work, please be patient while I try to do everything on my list.


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    Thanks, still sifting through this and everything else while thinking of what to post

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      This place works a bit like DA. I won't be notified on shouts you make on your own page unless it's a reply to my comment.

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    Glad to see you here.