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29 October 2020 at 23:47:19 MDT

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Art detected, it is a good art, yes. If you want to keep up with my nonsense, streams included: please follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/Adalore1.

New character reference for Zenti. This new reference much better reflects my ability to draw this quality doofus.

Zenti is an Abjuration specialized wizard that began to reverse engineer and rediscover lost rune circuits. She experienced proper afluent success for a time as she was the only slatepaw that could repair the aging circuits on the relics in use by the upper class clans, but as soon as she was no longer needed and the craft spread she was discarded with an engineered reason to exile.

We can't let the lower class know that their capablity is untethered by birth, if the heriarchy was threatened it would be more dangerous than an invading force.

Now in exile, free of the original society that pre-purposed every facet of her existance and threatened her when she wiggled from its grasp, she finds her self in a modest position as the arcane parser for her small community of fellow exiles.

The heights of her magical prowess has yet to come, she is still young on her path and may disrupt heriarchies of divine origin if left unchecked.

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