Mana Tear - Daisy Sleep Over by Adalore

Mana Tear - Daisy Sleep Over


22 June 2019 at 12:46:36 MDT

Nicole calls in a favor to crash at Diasy's place until the heat dies down outside and around the city. Everything had been stirred up because of the reaction the Nexus had after Dylend was released from stasis. It would have been simply granted on a favor for a friend basis, but Diasy learned Dylend was new to being a spellfluxed. Because of this she decided she'd make the stay at the safe house a little more interesting and educate Dylend in a relatively safe space.


The first few transformations a spellfluxed suffers can be pretty intense, so heading that off and intentionally causing safe TFs in a controlled space is much better for teaching people. This way Dylend can get used to it before effectively being dropped in the deep end. Nicole is definately on the approving side of this because when she was spellfluxed she went through a bunch of unpleasent TFs and wouldn't put others through that panicked and confused.



I still consider giving the pooltoys in this setting these weird hoof feet the best decision still, makes them look pretty different than other people's designs. :D

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    Great art and a nice style :)