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Dylend - Snow Trespass - 1 of 6 by Adalore

Dylend - Snow Trespass - 1 of 6


He tripped on a fey couple having a date out on the mana tear. Seelie or Unseelie doesn't matter, stumbling on a powerful faerie on holiday is not going to end without SOMETHING happening to the spellfluxed.
The faerie for all their power they have over the spellfluxed are just as likely to entrap them as only briefly toy with them. Dylend here might have been only briefly tampered with but this condition will last a good while, especially without help.

The fey visit the mana tear frequently because it's the only space on the planet that they can cross over from the feywyld with ease, most showing up for a change of scenery or other such dynamic. Generally they either act as the most inconsiderate tourists or tend to assign some role to themselves to play out for their own amusement. Both cases the Faerie don't really consider the spellfluxed as anymore than playthings.

There is some variance on the power of fey hanging out in the mana tear, powerful fey tend to be at most in small groups contrasted with the smaller pixies and such in swarms or potentially in contracts/subservence to some other entity.

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