Sydney - Manatear - Warden by Adalore

Sydney - Manatear - Warden


12 February 2019 at 02:41:25 MST

I tripped into drawing a rabbit and made a new character for the Manatear setting.

This is Sidney, they work as a recovery agent of pretty high standing, evidenced by the four (of five possible) studs they have on their ear. From smaller solo jobs like rescuing people trapped in benign but lasting fates(Such as turned into pooltoy) and joining raiding parties that tear at and eventually destroy drone hives to rescue those turned into slaves.

They get to act as a highly skilled reoccurring character if I ever get to developing and turning this into a game thing that might sometimes show up and rescue the player. Frequently they will give expert advice to the core three of Nicole, Dylend and Chaujen, and maybe directly aiding if they have a reason to.

Backstory wise, because this is the TF setting, they used to be very different. Unlike characters like Daisy who has has been inflatable their whole life Sydney has gone through more extreme changes.
They used to be an overtly guy feline critter that was seeped in a culture of toxic masculinity which put them into a miserable state both because Toxic masculinity is bullshit and for what they at the time couldn't assign to dysphoria. After suffering for effectively their adult life, Syndey experienced a multi-week lasting TF that both took them far from the toxic community they grew up in and bodily away from the male form to something more feminine. Confronted with this condition for weeks Sydney had a chance to finally explore their identity, outside of the pressure of home they had an epiphany...Home sucked and they realized they had grown to hate who they were.

Years later from that event they look unrecognizable, but infinitely happier. For now they settled in as non-binary, free from the toxic binary structure that once made Sydney revile themselves.

(Now uh... I will say I am a Cis-male so and this is my first experiment making a character overtly in the LGBTQ+ space, I'll readily take feed back on the story and would appreciate any advice to avoid terrible pitfalls that I am blind to.)

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