Commission - Baxterquinn - by Adalore

Commission - Baxterquinn -


17 July 2017 at 02:45:02 MDT

Commission for Baxterquinn on FA that is part of my Vulcan Automata series!

The lord of the local dukedom came in through to the main hall from the air landing pad. Rex could tell that the Duke was doing his best to hide how impressed he was at the sight of it all. The main room had numerous sculptures and paintings made by contemporary and past masters of their crafts, but the ever shifting water fountain in the center of the room stole the show as it gradually shifted to new and ever more complexing shapes.

The sheer number of Rex’s proxies flanking each element, all setup to give a flourishing bow as the Duke walked past them, gave the whole space a greater sense of grandeur.

Rex himself approached the Duke, “I am sure the establishment is to your expectations.”

“You’re being far too modest.” he replied studying one of the paintings, “is this the original?”

“A faithful reproduction, the original is far too fragile to have out for even the status of royalty.”

“Only in name.” the duke sighed shifting the subject, “How and who should I talk to for my requests during my stay?”

“Any one of me, these proxies,” Rex said motioning to the many servants, “they are directly tied to me, anything you ask of them you ask of me.” He finished, adding clarity by having every every proxy in the room shift to the same flourishing bow.

Employee designation : Rex

Specialization title : VIP hospitality

Template info - Medium General - Mass Proxy use specialization - This setup allows the user to control a great number of proxies or drones. Multiple proxies can be controlled at once but after a dozen of controlled proxies the control becomes less and less detailed
Proxi info - Small General - Relatively simple with no on board cybernetic brain, built to be controlled either passively or actively with an AI to handle auto piloted tasks.

Administrator notes - Has a powerful sense for theatrics and can quickly judge how to approach each VIP. These skills typically plays very well with the high status guests that VA entertains for diplomatic and business reasons.