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ChibiFuzzyPaws by Acru



4 October 2016 at 20:32:49 MDT

Chibi DarkFuzzyPaws looking all kawaii~ Does you likes paws?


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    Its too god damn adorable to not fav honestly

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      Thanks~ :3

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      That's almost exactly what went through my head XD
      No one creature should be able to attain that level of cute!

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    God damnit it's so adorable. Now I want a version of this. A fiery fennec fox version of this.... How much would that cost?

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      Do you mean like a ych/recolor, or a new pic with a similar look?

      I don't really have any set prices but I'm open to offers~ :3

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        Probably a new pic with similar looks. With it playing with fire or something. This one looks more mystical, I'm thinking about something that just adds more fire to it, same with the personality of the fox itself and the style would look more warm. A flame in it's eyes rather than the mysterious stars/magical glitter.